Mexican Rice

Mexican Rice

I’m a huge fan of good Mexican rice.  The Loon often feels that rice just gets in the way of a good meal, but…

Mexican Black Beans

Mexican Black Beans

Mexican Black Beans are just so good in their simplicity.  If you have a Mexican market within reach, go and grab some epazote, it’s…

Black bean and Sweet Corn Salad

Zesty Black Bean and Sweet Corn Salad

Zesty Black Bean and Sweet Corn Salad is so good.   It’s perfect for a BBQ or a side for almost any meal.  And…

pico feature gawker

Fresh Pico de Gallo

Fresh Pico de Gallo is a staple for Mexican and TexMex meals.   It’s so easy to make.  Fresh tomatoes, some finely chopped white…

Texas Caviar is perfect for parties - especially the big game!

Texas Caviar

This is an awesome dish to serve at parties – especially on the big game day.   It’s easy to make, low cal (don’t…

Authentic TexMex Beef Tacos

Authentic TexMex Beef Tacos

Okay…I love making things the Loon loves to eat…but these are my all-time favorite!   I trim about a half inch (use a pizza…

Ancho chili red sauce enchiladas

Authentic TexMex Enchiladas

These are good.  And not hard to make.  Authentic TexMex Enchiladas are such a crowd pleaser.  All our Texas friends and family should know…

Bodacious Borracho beans

Bodacious Borracho Beans

Both the Loon and I really love these Borracho Beans.  Technically, Borracho means drunken beans…so, it’s like having a big party with every bite….

ancho red enchilada sauce

Authentic Ancho Chili Red Enchilada Sauce

Oh…this authentic Ancho red enchilada sauce is perfect for TexMex cheese, beef or chicken enchiladas.  A touch of heat that feels so good.  Use…

TexMex Breakfast Casserole

TexMex Breakfast Casserole

TexMex Breakfast Casserole is so dad-gum good.  The Loon loves the traditional breakfast casserole, but he really loves this one, too.   Make this…