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  • Hello !
    Just made the Lemon Roast Chicken and it came together so quick and easy . The results were so outstanding , it was hard to believe the recipe was that easy . I did not have fresh herbs so I used fsries and thought it to be just as good . Thank you Kris and Wesley for another amazing dish !!!! Keep ‘em coming

  • I am in love with your site! You guys are wonderful. Would you have a paella recipe? I really want to make this and would love to see your recipe.


    • Hi Pam!! Thank you SO MUCH!! We don’t have a paella recipe…YET! But it has been on the short list for a new recipe for a while now, so you just helped us decide to fast-track it. Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll have it on the site soon! Thanks again!! Kris & Wesley

  • Hi Guys!
    Just stumbled upon your website looking for a chicken salad recipe-delicious btw. Gentlemen, you are fabulous! I can’t think of a time when I have had more fun hunting down recipes. Thank you for the laughs and, of course, great food!!!! Keep up the amazing work. Do you ever make personal appearances in the New York City area?
    Would LOVE to catch a live show.

    Peter K.

    • Hi Peter!! So sorry for the delayed response. We can’t express enough how much we appreciate your kind words. We are so glad you found us and we found YOU!! We actually lived in NYC and then central Jersey for 27 years and moved to Texas to be near family just about a year and a half ago. This is quite a journey we are on, so we may be doing live shows in NYC, hopefully sooner than later! Don’t worry, when that happens, we’ll shout it from all the rooftops!! In the meantime, please stay in touch! Thanks again and all the best, Kris & Wesley

  • Hi Kris & Wesley! Just stumbled on your sight and watched a few of your videos. Love you guys! I am making one of your comfort meal tonight…trying the Chicken Pot Pie! My husband is the US Surgeon General (really!), so we try to stay healthy, but gotta splurge every so often. 🙂 What are your favorite healthy-ish dinner ideas for busy families with kids? Thanks for the entertainment this morning!

    • Hi Lacey! So glad you found us and we found you!! We have some great healthy seafood dishes, if you like seafood! Poached Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce is wonderful! Let us know what you think of the chicken pot pie, we love it!! Best, Kris & Wesley

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    • Awesome, Colleen!! Aren’t borracho beans the best? And don’t they smell amazing as they cook? Yum!! Thank you so much for you comment and we LOVE you, too!! 🙂 Please stay in touch!! xoxo Kris & Wesley

      • I just ran across your dumplings with peanut sauce and had happy tears running down my cheeks! You both are so fun and happy it makes my heart smile! That and a favorite food in a video is so inviting <3 Great job guys!!

  • Hi Kris & Wesley
    I stumbled onto your site while looking for a chicken enchilada recipe. I watched your video and I absolutely love you both. I’m excited to make them and am also going to make your seasoning to go with it… it also looks terrific. I love to cook and spend most of my time happily preparing and working with food so you as a new addition is a wonderfully fun and welcome thing. I looked around your website and I read your story. How so very wonderful. You are both inspirational and well, just fabulous. I will be reading and watching more of your recipes/videos in my future. You are both gems. I also have a gay son named Kris with a K who lives in NYC. He is the best thing that ever happened to me and I am so proud of him. (I knew when he was 3 – he figured it out 1st year of college.. lol). You give me hope that someday he too find his soul mate. Anyway, thank you both. Can’t wait to try the enchiladas and more. Much love and God bless.

    • Hi Suzanne!! We are so thrilled that you found us and we found you!! Thank you very much for your kind words, that truly means the world to us. Please give Kris (with a ‘K’) and big ole hug from us. He sounds as wonderful as you. Don’t worry…he’ll find that ‘special’ one…sometimes the wait makes the discovery that much sweeter. All the best, and please stay in touch. xoxo Kris & Wesley

  • Hi Kris and Wesley! I am a student taking a social media marketing class and we were tasked to try and find an influencer for the business that we are doing a social media take over for. My group has the Olive Barrel in Grand Forks, and they are a small business in Grand Forks, North Dakota run by two sisters Deb and Jackie. They sell flavor infused olive oils, vinegars, and other delicious food products. We wanted to send you a couple samples of our olive oil and we know you will love the products and were hoping you would talk about the Olive Barrel on your social media platforms. We do online sales and we are looking to expand our social media awareness.

  • Aloha! Stumbled onto your website looking for Shishido recipe. Fell in love with you both. Reminds me of my days at BHHS and my BFF’s in Waikiki who were totally surprised that a straight old lady would be so much fun with two incredible beautiful gay men….my BFF’s.
    Your history, website, genuine enthusiasm, recipes and presentation are awesome! Peace Out. Jo Mama

    • Jo Mama! You just made our day, our week, and beyond! Let’s meet up in Hawaii and cook up a storm, shall we? 🙂 We can’t thank you enough for reaching out to us. PLEASE stay in touch! We LOVE you!! xoxoxoxo Kris & Wesley (The Loon)

    • Kris and Wesley, dont know if my email went thru. So enjoyed meeting you last week with my sister Donna. Anxious to try some of your recipes. They look great!

  • Hi There!

    My name is Tiffani and we’ve just followed each other on twitter. My pediatric therapy clinic, Kinetic Kids, Inc., is based in heart of Charlotte. I would like to offer our families, particularly those in our bedwetting/incontinence program a resource or nutritional guide to help their kids eat healthier, which in turn, would have a favorable affect on their little bladders and colons.

    I am writing because I would love to partner with your company somehow. Not only would our kids with incontinence issues benefit, but also, those with ADHD, obesity, autism, etc. My business partner and I have decided to expand our services from physical, occupational, and speech therapeutic services, to also include psychiatry and educational services by next month. So having an online nutritional component would be a wonderful addition to our busy moms and dads!

    My direct work mobile is 704-779-9968 and my email [email protected]. I hope to hear from you soon and have a great day!

    Tiffani S. Bacon

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