Homemade Orange Sweet Rolls

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Looking for a sweet treat for breakfast that will keep the kids (and adults) coming back for more?

We absolutely love homemade pastries. Especially for breakfast including Cinnamon Rolls and Grandma’s Kolaches. But these orange sweet rolls bring back such wonderful childhood memories, and are so delicious!

A spatula holding up a homemade orange sweet roll over a pan filled with other rolls.


These rolls are really not difficult to prepare.

Give yourself enough time to let the dough rise, twice, and the rest is a snap.



The dough for these rolls is incredibly flavorful and slightly denser than standard cinnamon rolls.

The sour cream adds a wonderful taste and texture.

EXPERT TIP: It’s very important to not add the warmed milk and melted butter to the flour/yeast mixture if either is too hot. Let the butter cool until just warmed, about 90° to 100° F. If they are too hot, they will kill the yeast when added, which will result in heavy, dense rolls. Let the dough rise in a warm, draft-free area until doubled in size. This can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours. Be patient!

A ball of dough sitting a ceramic bowl.

After the dough has doubled in size, roll it out to 10″x 14″ rectangle on a lightly floured surface.

Use a small spatula (or butter knife) to spread the softened butter all over the rolled out dough.

Roll the dough from the long side, jellyroll style. Slice into 2-inch slices.

A hand spreading softened butter on a rectangle of pastry dough.
Two hands rolling dough for homemade orange sweet rolls.
A hand using a large chef's knife to slice sweet rolls from rolled dough.


Proofing is the process of yeast fermenting the dough, which causes it to rise.

Factors such as yeast freshness, altitude, and room temperature can cause proofing time to vary for every home baker. Just remember, homemade orange sweet rolls take patience!

After placing the rolls in the pan, you’ll need to allow the rolls to proof (or rise) for another hour.

EXPERT TIP: The initial proofing can be done the night before. Instead of placing the dough in a warm, draft-free area, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours.

A hand placing an uncooked orange sweet roll into a circular pan.

Once it’s time to bake the rolls, you’re getting close.

As the rolls bake, they will expand even further and the smell is amazing.

EXPERT TIP: We love using a 9-inch diameter cake pan (with 2-inch sides), but a square 8″x 8″ baking pan will work, too.

A circular metal pan holding freshly baked orange sweet rolls.


While the rolls are baking, it’s time to whip up the glaze.

Fresh orange juice, mixed with 2 cups of confectioner’s (powdered) sugar and 2 tablespoons of orange zest is all that’s needed. Mix together until a glaze is formed.

EXPERT TIP: Allow the rolls to cool for about 10 minutes before glazing. If you glaze too soon, the heat from the freshly baked rolls will liquefy the glaze.

A hand using a small spatula to spread orange icing over baked sweet rolls.

These homemade orange rolls are truly something special.

It may seem like there is a lot of sugar, which, well, there is. But the sugar melts into the butter and dough and is perfection.

A metal pan holding homemade orange sweet rolls with two rolls missing.

These rolls were our favorites as kids.

Never did we imagine we could improve on the store-bought packaged variety.

Well, we were wrong. Just look at this:

A individual orange sweet roll on a blue plate with a fork cutting it in half.

Ready to make the kids and the rest of the family really excited for the best rolls in the world? Go for it!

And when you make them, be sure to take a photo, post it on Instagram, and tag @howtofeedaloon and hashtag #howtofeedaloon!

A individual orange sweet roll on a blue plate with a fork cutting it in half.

Homemade Orange Sweet Rolls

These Homemade Orange Sweet Rolls are everything you think they should be...and more. Heavenly and delicious.
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Course: Breakfast / Dessert
Cuisine: American
Keyword: Baking recipes, Breakfast rolls, Homemade sweet rolls recipe
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Proofing: 3 hours
Total Time: 3 hours 50 minutes
Servings: 6 people
Calories: 684kcal


  • 9" diameter cake pan, or 8"x 8" baking dish



  • 3⅔ cup all-purpose flour
  • tsp rapid rise dry yeast 1 package, active dry yeast will work, too
  • ½ cup whole milk warmed to approx. 100° F
  • 6 tbsp unsalted butter melted, and then cooled to approx. 100° F
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • cup sugar
  • 2 tsp Kosher salt
  • 1 large egg lightly beaten


  • 6 tbsp unsalted butter softened
  • cup sugar
  • 2 tbs orange zest


  • 1 tbsp orange zest
  • 2 cups confectioner's sugar aka powdered sugar
  • 4 tbsp fresh orange juice



  • In a large bowl of a stand mixer, fitted with the dough attachment, mix together the flour and the yeast.
  • With the mixer on medium speed, add the warmed milk and melted butter (that's cooled slightly) to flour/yeast mixture. Next add in the sour cream, sugar, salt, and egg.
  • Beat at medium speed until the dough is smooth and elastic, approximately 5 minutes (Dough should pull away from sides of the bowl, but still stick to the bottom).
  • Spray a large bowl with nonstick cooking spray.
  • Place the dough in prepared bowl, turning to coat top.
  • Cover, and let rise in a warm draft-free place until the dough has about doubled in size, approximately 1 to 2 hours (seen note).


  • Spray a 9-inch round pan (2 inches in height works well) with nonstick cooking spray. Set aside.
  • Lightly punch down the prepared dough and on a lightly floured surface, roll dough into a 14"x10" rectangle.
  • Spread the softened butter (6 tablespoons) evenly over dough.
  • In a small bowl, stir together sugar (⅔ cup) and zest (2 tablespoons) then sprinkle over butter.
  • Starting on one long side, roll dough into a log.
  • Slice into 9 to 10 rolls.
  • Place rolls in prepared pan.
  • Cover, and let rise in a warm draft-free place until almost doubled in sized, approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Preheat oven to 350° F.
  • Bake, uncovered, until golden brown, approximately 30 minutes.
  • Let cool in pan on a wire rack for about 10 to 15 minutes.


  • In a medium bowl, stir together the remaining 1 teaspoon zest, confectioners' sugar, and orange juice until smooth.
  • Drizzle and smear icing over warm rolls.



If using active dry yeast in place of rapid rise, simply allow the dough to rise a little longer.  There are multiple factors that will cause the time for the dough to rise to vary from time to time.  It may only take 1 hour for the dough to double in size, but it could take up to 3 hours.
IMPORTANT: Don't add really hot milk and melted butter to the flour/yeast mixture.  If you do, it will kill the yeast and the dough won't rise.  We recommend using an instant-read thermometer to check the temperature.  Neither the milk or the melted butter should be over 100° to 105° F.
The dough can be prepared the night before.  Instead of letting it rise in a warm, draft-free area, simply cover with plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours.
If you don't have a zester or micro-plane, you can rub the skin of the oranges against the small blades on the side of a box cutter. 


Calories: 684kcal | Carbohydrates: 134g | Protein: 10g | Fat: 18g | Saturated Fat: 6g | Cholesterol: 104mg | Sodium: 817mg | Potassium: 147mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 74g | Vitamin A: 915IU | Vitamin C: 4mg | Calcium: 70mg | Iron: 4mg
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POST UPDATE: This recipe was originally published in May 2017, but was updated with improved tweaks to the recipe, tips, new photography, and a fabulous new video in March 2020!



  • Hi, I would like to make these in advance to serve Christmas morning. At what point in the process can I freeze the rolls?

    • Hi Sybil! You could make the dough in advance and then freeze and then let completely thaw before assembling and then baking the rolls. You could probably even assemble the rolls entirely (up to baking them), and then freeze them, let them thaw, and bake them. We’ve not done the latter, but it should work for you. We’ve frozen the dough many times before and it always turns out great. Hope this helps.Let us know how they turn out (they are so yummy!!). Merry Christmas! Kris & Wesley

  • 1. If I prep these the night before, do they need to come to room temperature before baking in the morning?
    2. What’s the LONGEST amount of time the rolled/prepped (unbaked) rolls can be in the fridge?


    • Hi Stefanie! Our recommendation would be to roll the dough (with orange filling), as directed in the recipe, and then wrap snuggly with plastic wrap and then place in the fridge for overnight. The next morning, remove the plastic and then cut into the rolls. Allow them to sit for about 15 to 30 minutes on a baking sheet before baking. You should be fine! Let us know how it turns out!!! All the best, Kris & Wesley

  • I am so enjoying watching all your amazing recipes but I was wondering if your recipes are cooked in a fan forced or a conventional oven. Cheers

    • HI Di! When we bake or roast anything in our oven, it’s not fan forced. We do have a smaller oven that has convection, but if we were to go that route, we’d let you know. These rolls baked in just a good ole regular oven!! Thank you so much, Di!!! xoxo Kris & Wesley

  • 5 stars
    Hey Guys, I couldn’t wait to try these rolls and did so yesterday, I always keep a well stocked pantry and luckily, I had one orange left.
    To put it into words these rolls are “Too Die For”, so darn good!
    I did cut the sugar in the icing as we don’t like things overly sweet, but they were still delicious and the neighbours loved them too(and yes we did social distancing).
    Your Canadian neighbours are impressed. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Carol! Woo hoo!! So so so excited to hear you had such big success with orange sweet rolls. We have to agree, they’re pretty amazing!! We are so glad you loved them and thank you SO MUCH for letting us know. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate that. Please stay in touch! We LOVE our beautiful Canadian neighbors!! All the best, Kris & Wesley

    • Hey guys just made the dough into the fridge overnight,everything else is prepared and waiting!so excited,tacos Sat night and the sweet orange buns for dessert,.who needs a resteraunt when you can sere that dinner,right!? Love from Canada,always..♥️♥️

  • Love you guys! These are my favorite and remind me of when my mom made then when I was little. Please consider putting closed caption on your video for your hearing impaired fans!! Thanks guys and be well.

    • Hi Lin!! Thank you so much! They are our favorite, too! We definitely get what you’re asking for close captioning. We are working with our video host provider to get that in place. As you can imagine, nothing is ever quite as easy it seems like it should be. But, we’re working on it!! Stay in touch and stay safe!!! All the best, Kris & Wesley

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