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Skillet scramble with Fontina, tomatoes and basil

Skillet Scramble with Fontina, Tomato and Basil

Skillet Scramble with Fontina, Tomato and Basil transforms good ole basic scrambled eggs into something truly special.  We just love cherry (or grape) tomatoes…


Mi Nombre es Albóndiga (My Name is Meatball)

Kris just recently posted a great recipe for albondigas and I’d been racking my brain trying to remember where I’ve heard that word before….

simmering roasted turkey stock

The First Cooking of The Stock

Well, now that Kris has started his blog about food, I decided to jump back on the wagon (I know what you were thinking,…

the cottage

Fried Rice and Free Wine

Well, it’s the new year and so I naturally started to think about the Chinese New Year and which animal is going to represented,…

Fresh linguine

How Pasta Got Its Groove Back

I’m not going to sugar coat this in any way.  When Kris started to make fresh pasta, it use to bug the crap out…