The Sous Vide Cooking Method

Sous Vide
Sous Vide

The Sous Vide Cooking Method is literally a way of cooking meats and vegetables that is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.   Chefs have been using this method in top restaurants all over the world, and now I know why.  Proteins, vegetables and eggs are cooked to absolute perfection.

The first filet mignon I made using my new Sansaire Sous Vide was hands-down the best tasting steak I’ve ever had.  It practically melts in you mouth when you take a bite.  Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean.   Would it be too dramatic to say cooking with my new sous vide machine has changed my life?  Probably…but when you take your first bite of a steak cooked with the sous vide method, you’ll likely have an out-of-body experience.  Yes…it’s that good.   And they make the perfect gift for the home cook in your life!   

Sous Vide machine in a pot of water...makes for perfectly cooked food
Sous Vide machine in a pot of water…makes for perfectly cooked food

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