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Well, it has been said that Lyon is often considered to surpass Paris in terms of lifestyle.   Since we were only there for about a day and a half…I can’t compeletely vouch for that.  But, I can tell you…it is a gorgeous city, with what is considered the best food in France, incredible shopping, and breathtaking views.   It sits right where the Saone and Rhone Rivers meet, or as the locals say (in French)…”It is where the two rivers finally get married.”

The city is more than 2,000 years old and it is home to numerous treasures, including an incredible, historical old town.  There are beautiful parks, galleries, museums, riverside walks, and top-notch shopping.  And without a doubt – world famous dining.  In fact, Lyon is considered the gastronmical capitol of France – now that’s saying something! We dined at an amazing 2-Star Michelin brasserie called Restaurant Leon de Lyon, by Chef Jean-Paul Lacombe.   Click on the link below for a complete write-up of our amazing dining experience.

Here are some things you’ll see while visiting historic Lyon, France:

Now, onto the food.   Click on the link below to learn about a 2-star Michelin restaurant (which are far and few between) called Restaurant Leon de Lyon.  Chef Jean-Paul Lacomb turned this place into a brasserie a few years ago, and made the menu and decor more ‘festive’ and not quite so stuffy.   The results are classic Layonnaise cuisine at it’s very best.  And the prices won’t break your budget.   Check it out:

Leon de Lyon
Leon de Lyon

Restaurant Leon de Lyon, by Chef Jean-Paul Lacomb

1 Rue Pleny
Lyon, France
Phone: +33 4 72 10 11 12
Reservations recommended

Now…if you want to experience what is considered one of the finest, if not THE finest restaurant in all of France, and even Europe…you must try Paul Bocuse, which is in Collonges-au-Mont-d’Or, about a 15 to 20 minute drive from Lyon.  This was once Lyon’s only 3-star Michelin restaurant, and is still ranked #1, year after year.   We had not made reservations, so we weren’t able to go.  However, some friends that we had met who were on the same river cruise, were able to get a table.   They said the experience actually exceeded all the hype and incredible reviews.  The food is beyond compare.  And the service is like nothing you will have ever experienced.   It’s not cheap.  A couple of two could easily drop 300 to 400 Euros.   But hey, this is one of the greatest restaurants in the world.  You’ve come this far…why not indulge. Here are the details:

Paul Bocuse
Paul Bocuse, 3 Star Michelen
Paul Bocuse, Auberge du Pont de Collonges
40 Quai de Plage
69660 Collonges au Mont d’Or
Phone: 04 72 42 90 90
Reservations Strongly Recommended (call well in advance)
Website: http://www.bocuse.com/accueil.aspx
Hours (Open 7 days a week): 
Lunch, Noon – 1:30pm
Dinner,  8pm – 9:30pm
Valet available
Dress code (no shorts for men)


  • Oh, I loved Lyon when I was in France. It surprised and delighted me, and at the time I was completely unaware of how ancient it was and its place on the Silk Route. At the time, Michelin-starred eating was not in my budget, but I did splurge on Berthillon – some ice cream for myself and chocolates shipped home. If you didn’t get there this time around, make a note of it for your next visit. Two excellent tourist stops are the beautiful Parc de la Tête d’Or and the fascinating Gallo-Roman museum, which is embedded in a hill alongside an excavated amphitheater.

    • It really is magical isn’t it! We wished we could have stayed longer, and really hope to return. We did go to the Gallo-Roman museum and saw the amphitheater. Breathtaking, to say the least! We love France! Take care, good to hear for you…

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