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I am thrilled to launch our new site:  “How to Feed a Loon.”  This blog will take you through Kris and Wesley’s adventures in creating and enjoying delicious food, as well as our lives together…at times, it can be crazy as a Loon. By the way, Wesley’s last name is Loon.

You will probably notice that many of the dishes on this site take some time to prepare.  I really love spending a Saturday afternoon in the kitchen and creating something special.  It’s like creating a work of art.  Every now and then, I’ll hit a clunker, and the Loon will let me know, using his subtle Loon ways, but most times, we really enjoy the creation.

I encourage you to take a stab at creating something special.  I have found that planning ahead is the best way to ensure your meal will come out perfectly, and simply fit for a Loon.  And I can’t emphasize the importance of using fresh ingredients, and the best quality, when possible.  For example, when a recipe calls for stock…homemade stock brings the dish to the next level.  In my Kitchen Essential category, you’ll see recipes for what I consider staples for many of these dishes.  Every few weeks, I’ll make up a new batch, and divide into containers that easily can be stored in the freezer and then called upon when needed.  This helps save you loads of time, and really makes a big difference in the final dish.

Well, I hope you enjoy this site, please come back often, and let me know about what you see when you visit.

Love and Yum, Kris

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