Kris’ Kitchen Tips – The Value of a Food Scale

Kris’ Kitchen Tips – The Value of a Food Scale clearly shows the importance of weighing your ingredients, not simply measuring them out – especially when baking.   Using a kitchen scale vastly improves your ability to make perfectly risen cakes and breads, and delicious evenly-cooked cookies.   Even use it when making dividing out hamburger patties!   Watch, learn…and use a food scale!  You’ll love it, we guarantee!!


  • I thought I had written a post about this topic. I certainly meant to Kris. You are 100% spot on again, in my opinion. I believe you can not really trust measuring cups or spoons etc. And then to factor in human error, er, technique. 99% of the time I measure ingredients out by weight and will do so in metrics. It is so much easier that way as well as more accurate. Although, a great many recipes here in the States are in those pesky cups and ounces… Ugh! I have to convert everything and rewrite the recipe. Anyway, better in the long run so worth the effort.
    Thanks for another great video.

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