Kris’ Kitchen Tips – Mise en Place

Kris’ Kitchen Tips – Mise en Place shows you the most important technique you can learn to ensure your dishes and dinner parties are an absolute smashing success.   Nothing fancy, but so very important.  Take a listen and give it a shot.  You will begin to see a trend as you time and time again produce perfectly prepared food, drink and full-on meals.  Mise en Place – ROCKS!


  • Well done Kris. I could not agree more. I have written a post over at Wild Side Confections called “Read your recipe BEFORE starting” that totally agrees with what you are saying here. It is the worst to be in the middle of making something you need in a few hours and perhaps we forgot the part about “…let it rest over night.” Ooops! Walk of shame down to the bakery time. We simply must read the recipe well before starting.
    You are also correct in saying one of the first things they teach in school is mise en place. Before we even made our first recipe at Le Cordon Bleu (chocolate chip cookies) they made sure we understood the importance of making sure we had all the ingredients organized and double checked on our table.
    The technique has stuck with me and I can not preach the importance of it any stronger.
    Thanks Kris.

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