How to Make Norwegian Pancakes

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Hey everybody!  Here’s another installment of the How to Feed A Loon video collection.  This demonstrates how easy it is to make homemade Norwegian Pancakes, or as the Loon likes to call them:  Pannekaker. They are super easy to make, and so yummy.  So easy that the even the Loon can make them!  Click on the image below to view our original post that includes the full recipe.  Enjoy!

Hooray for Pannekakers!
Hooray for Pannekaker!


  • Hey guys, great video! I have been trying to perfect my mormors (Norwegian for “mothers mother”) recipe for a while now. Though I cant seem to get it perfect, I feel they are close to my childhood memories. She always used a 2:1 milk to flour ratio, a pinch of almond extract and a dash of cardamom, and would cook the with a pat of butter in the pan. Today, I uad the pleasure of cooking this breakfast for some friends, one of which has celiac and is also lactose intolerant. Challenge accepted. The recipe I used for 4 of us:
    6 organic eggs
    4 cups Silk coconut milk
    2 cups bobs red mill gluten free flour
    1 dash of vanilla extract
    3 tbsp Blue Agave nectar
    1 tbsp smart balance lactose free butter

    They came out quite tasty, if you want to take them for a spin!

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