Day After Turkey Day Recipes

Wondering what to do with all that leftover Thanksgiving turkey?  Well, look no further, we have you covered with Day After Turkey Day Recipes!  We even threw in a great cocktail, just for the fun of it!


Let’s get started with what we think is the most delicious sandwich we’ve ever encountered. It’s truly one for the record books. I think the Loon looks forward more to this sandwich than he does that actual Thanksgiving day feast!

day after Thanksgiving sandwich recipe

Click the recipe for the full recipe: Best-Ever Day After Thanksgiving Sandwich.

Another great recipe for using up some of the delicious left-over turkey is Enchiladas with Roasted Turkey!  So delicious and one of our favorites!


Now, watch us make this amazing Enchiladas with Roasted Turkey recipe!

Okay, for something really fun and incredibly delicious, watch us make Deep Fried Thanksgiving Turkey Balls! (I got this idea from the Texas State Fair). These are absolutely amazing!

Okay, who’s ready for a cocktail? Well, it’s still pumpkin season, so how about boozing Mr. Jack O’Latern up with a delicious Drunken Pumpkin Cocktail!

Watch Wesley whip one up! They are really good!

Well, hopefully, this will give you some inspiration for what to do with all the amazing leftovers from your Thanksgiving Day feast! Enjoy the holiday season everybody! Keep your eyes open for lots of great recipes, videos, laughs and love coming your way.

Lots of love, 

Kris & Wesley


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  • My favorite after Thanksgiving sandwich is a Hot Brown. The recipe originated at The Brown Palace in Louisville, KY. Toast, turkey, sliced tomato, Mornay sauce lightly broiled until bubbly and lightly browned and topped with a slice of thick, crisp bacon.

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