When In Chicago

When in Chicago…well, if you talk to most Chicagoans (yes, that is a word), they’ll tell you that Chicago is the best kept secret in the U.S.   Most people think of the ‘windy’ and brutally cold city…in the winter.   And, in fact, that’s pretty accurate, and often enough to keep a Texas boy like me (Kris) at a distance.  But when the deep freeze thaws, and the sun comes out and warms the landscape…this place is truly magical.

Actually, its one of Wesley and my favorites cities in the world to visit.   I know a lot of cities say this (think NYC), but it feels like a giant city, made up of amazing neighborhoods.  To me, I think it just feels like one, friendly, sometimes shivering, neighborhood.

Downtown is gorgeous.  We love the various neighborhoods from Linkin Park, to beautiful Gold Coast, to classic Hyde Park, to West Loop, to our new favorite, Andersonville.  All with such distinctive personalities, but all with that common neighborhood feel…even upscale Gold Coast!

The weekend we were there, the Lake Michigan was still really cold, but the air temperature was pretty steamy (85F), and it caused the entire city to be covered in fog for much of the day.   Here’s a shot of the Willis Tower (formerly called the Sears Tower) peeking out of heavy fog…this was late in the day!


Foggy Chicago
Foggy Chicago!

And of course, you know one of the reasons we love Chicago so much is the place is a foodie’s dream city.   Amazing chefs are opening restaurants all over.  And it’s the home of such classics as Chicago deep dish pizza, and something we didn’t discover until our last trip:  An Italian Beef.

When In Chicago, take a tour of three amazing Chicago-based restaurants that we visited on our last trip through fabulous Chi-town!  Click on the links below to see them up close and yummy!

Little Goat by chef Stephanie Izard in West Loop

Anteprima in Andersonville

Al’s Italian Beef