Butcher by Chef Donald Link

The Loon and I have eaten at a lot of joints over our years here on this beautiful green planet.  But…let me tell, when you’re in New Orleans, get your butts over to Butcher for some serious delicious grub.  Chef Donald Link knows how to build a flavor profile in every dish.  Un-pretentious, but so damn pleasing to the palate, it’s just amazing.

Butcher by Chef Donald Link is adjacent to Cochon, also co-owned by Link.   Cochon has quickly become a mainstay in NOLA.  Butcher opened as just a walk up sandwich order joint.   But two weeks before we arrived in Spring of 2014, it had just expanded into a full-on restaurant.  When we arrived, the line was down the street.  But folks were happy.  Drinks were flowing.  And you could feel the excitement of anticipation of those in the line, waiting to sit down and indulge.  I stepped over to the bar to order us a cold beer, and immediately two bar stools opened up.  I texted the Loon, he immediately popped right over, we took our spots at the bar…and what happened next was a foodie’s dream come true.

Laura, our bartender, was wonderful.   The place was packed, and she was in the weeds, but she was cool, calm, and slick. And super fun.

All about Laura
All about Laura

The place is bustling with excitement.  But what’s the cause of all this excitement?  Oh yes, the food.

I ordered Butcher’s version of a Muffaletta.   Seriously…there are not words to describe this.  Bread:  unbelievably soft.  Meats, fresh.  kickin’ veggies, cheeses.  Warm and without a doubt, the best sandwich I’ve ever tasted.

New Orleans Butcher Muffaletta

The Loon had the Pork Belly sandwich with cucumber and mint.  Um…once again, no words.

Pork Belly sammy with cucumber and mint.  Unreal.
Pork Belly sammy with cucumber and mint. Unreal.

Why not a little side of incredible mac n cheese.   Oh my goodness.  This is heavenly.

Heavenly Mac N Cheese
Heavenly Mac N Cheese

There are so many other dishes that looks beyond amazing.  Go to this glorious place and you will be so happy.

930 Tchoupitoulas
(540) 588-7675


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