Awesome Kitchen Gadgets: World’s Best Veggie Peeler

This Awesome Kitchen Gadget: World’s Best Veggie Peeler is truly a game changer in the kitchen.  I was taking an intensive ‘boot camp’ course at the Culinary Institute of America a little over a year ago, and the young chef’s told us about it.  I thought…what can be so great about a potato peeler.  But, I picked it up anyway. Wow! Those kids know what they’re talking about!

Awesome Kitchen Gadgets Veggie Peeler

Peeling potatoes, or any veggie for that matter, is just a hassle.  I think we can all agree to that.  But this Kuhn Rikon Potato Peeler makes life so much easier!

You can easily order one simply by clicking this link below.  You can trust me when I say it really is absolutely amazing.  And very inexpensive!

Use this amazing kitchen gadget to make these incredible recipes:

French Gratin Potatoes (aka Dauphinois)

French Gratin Potatoes dauphinois recipe

Carrot and Raisin Salad

Carrot and Raisin Salad recipe


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