Al’s Italian Beef

Al’s Italian Beef.  All right, let’s not kid around.  This place is not fancy.  It’s actually a chain, but as far as we can see, it’s a chain confined to Chicago.   The way we see it, it’s so good, they had to spread them all across the city.   The Loon and I had never even heard of a classic Chicago Italian Beef until we were on our way to the airport, and our driver, who was born and raised in Chicago…said…”your kidding me, you’ve never had a Chicago Italian Beef.”  We were a little embarassed, and so ‘no, we’ve never even heard of them.’   Well, he chortled a bit, and then said we might as well try Chicago’s favorite:  Al’s Italian Beef.
So, on our last day in Chicago, headed to the airport…we found one.  Good Lord.  They are good.  Basically, they are Chicago’s version of a Philly Cheese Steak…but uniquely Chicago.  Not great if you’re trying to shed a few pounds (like we were for the big wedding day)…but hey…why not.
These gems were incredibly flavorful, inexpensive…and damn delicious.  If you’ve never had one…you gotta go.   Mmm, mmm, mmm!!  And I have to say:  Have it dipped!  Messy…but wow!
Al’s Italian Beef
Locations all over Chicago 
Original Location: 1079 Taylor St, Chicago:  312-226-4017
Al's Italian Beef - A little wet with hot and sweet peppers
Al’s Italian Beef – A little wet with hot and sweet peppers
Al's Italian Beef - Wet with Peppers and Cheese
Al’s Italian Beef – Wet with Peppers and Cheese
Why not? Al's Cheesy Fries
Why not? Al’s Cheesy Fries

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