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Hello! Welcome to How To Feed a Loon! We are thrilled you stopped by!! If you’re new to our blog, you may be wondering, What in the world does “How To Feed a Loon” mean?  We’re glad you asked!

We (Kris Longwell and Wesley Loon) have been married for over 30 years!  We met in 1989 in New York City and it was truly love at first sight.

To repeat: Wesley’s last name is ‘Loon.’  As you may have noticed, there has never been a more aptly named person in the world.  Which is why I affectionately refer to him as my “Loon.”  And, he loves to eat my food and gets such joy helping me in the kitchen.  When trying to think of a name for our blog way back when it all started, it came pretty naturally: How to Feed a Loon.


Throughout the years, I have continuously worked to hone my skills as an expert home cook. I have studied with some amazing chefs, participated in intensive culinary ‘boot camps’ at the world-renowned Culinary Institute of America in New York, and have read and devoured what seems like every cookbook and food blog in the world.  Wesley and I have had the honor of cooking and demonstrating our skills at numerous home and culinary shows throughout the country.

I had the exhilarating and somewhat surreal opportunity to compete on Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games on the first-ever “Home Cooks” edition.  Before filming began, Guy explained to us that he was reluctant to have a ‘home cooks’ episode, because the show is so demanding, and, up until then, only included professional (and often high-profile) chefs.

He told us four contestants that his producers scoured the internet and after many, many auditions and interviews, landed with four of the best home cooks in the country.  I was honored, and admittedly terrified.  But it was amazing and the judges loved my food.

Guy Fieri with home cooks for Guy's Grocery Games,

In the fall of 2013, How To Feed a Loon started as a hobby, but soon turned into something beyond our wildest dreams. Throughout our journey, Wesley has become a master at food photography, video editing, food styling, and much more. His photography has appeared in dining/recipe calendars published by BIC Graphic, digital and hardcover cookbooks, and on the Cooking Channel.

You will notice that many of our recipes include a video of us in the kitchen making the dish. Through plenty of laughter, we show you exactly what you need to know to make the “Loon Approved” dish at home.


We have the most amazing fans and followers on the planet. What we hear most is how we help home cooks feel at ease in the kitchen. We strive to bring joy and fun as you prepare comforting dishes that you will not only be proud to serve to family and friends, but recipes that you will want to make time and time again.

Here is a comment from a wonderful home cook in Texas that touched us so deeply:

“As are all of your recipes, y’all (yes I’m from Texas) are both gifted with the ability to take some of the most difficult and seemingly incomprehensible recipes and show us how to prepare them in such a way that we feel there’s nothing we can’t do in the kitchen….Y’all are a part of my family, from my sons and daughter that cook to my husband , myself and many more extended members of our family that I have shared your amazing site with.So from our family to yours; Love and thanks from Deep in the heart of Texas ❤️”

We have a simple premise here at How To Feed a Loon: Let’s do really delicious food, and let’s have a ton of fun doing it. 

And most importantly, let’s show you exactly how it’s done in an easy-to-understand way, so your kitchen becomes your ‘happy place.’

Thanks for stopping by. Please come back often. And don’t ever hesitate to send us a note with any questions, thoughts, or feedback about a particular recipe or video, or anything that might be on your mind!


And don’t forget to follow us on: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.  And if you are a subscriber to the RCN Network, check out our TV Show (check local listings for air-times).

We love hearing from our friends and fans! We couldn’t do what we do without you or our two beautiful dogs, Ebenezer and Florence, or as we call them…Eb and Flo.

And why would we want to?

We wish you the very best life has to offer…and here’s to Fun, Food and Fabulousness!!


Kris & Wesley


  • Hi guys. I enjoy your website and checking out various recipes. Today, I’m going to make your World’s Best Chicken Salad, which I really enjoy. Thanks, Mark.

    • Hi Mark! That is so wonderful!!! We could not be more thrilled to hear that you are enjoying our recipes and having success with them!! And thank you a million times over for letting us know! That honestly means so very much to us! Please stay in touch! Kris & Wesley

  • 5 stars
    My husband was cooking ribs and I wanted to roast some potatoes which I often do. But, I wanted to do something different and I just happen to come across your roasted potatoes in foil. I was very intrigued by the fact that onions where added. I watched your video which I don’t normally do, but you both are so cute together. So, my husband ABSOLUTELY loved the potatoes, and I did to of course! Thank you so much!

    • Hi Karla!! You have no idea how happy this makes us!! We are thrilled you and your hubby loved the foil potatoes! They really are delicious, aren’t they? And wow…sounds like you guys had an amazing meal!! Thanks for letting us know and for the wonderful review! That means the world to us!! All the best, Kris & Wesley

  • Hiya. Do you mean loon as in crazy?? Or, loon as in the duck-like bird? A high school science teacher of mine spoke about Loons, the bird, often and did some kind of research project on them, too. I am uncertain of Mr. Carlson’s culinary skills :). Thanks again for the bacon, tomato, and cheddar pie recipe!

  • I love your recipes and ideas. My favourite so far is the rustic flavors of the white bean w/ garlic & toms recipe. I don’t usually subscribe to blogs, but I’m sticking with you guys. Thanks for such great recipes and the fun you have in your videos. Love the picture of you both with your dogs!

    • Hi guys! My name is Janie and I live in England. I love America so much but not been for years sadly.
      I am currently cooking your beef pot roast . Found your website today. Your video cheered me up so much!
      Will let you know how it turns out!
      Cheers and love from the UK all the way iver to you xxxx

      • Hi Janie from the UK!! We love England SO MUCH!! We used to be theater performers and did shows internationally, and our English colleagues are some of the most beautiful people we’ve ever known. We’re still so close today!

        We hope the beef pot roast turned out good!! Please let us know!!!

        Much love – Kris & Wesley xoxoxo

  • Just found your amazing tuna melt recipe on Pinterest and can’t wait to try it on my husband Jack. He travels for tuna melts and yours looks worthy. Thank you!

  • 5 stars
    LOVE you guys (and your dogs!) Your white beans with garlic, sage and tomatoes is amazing! I watched Paris Can Wait with Diane Lane and immediately began craving rustic French cuisine. I made your white beans recipe and served with turkey sausage, an arugula salad with homemade Dijon vinaigrette, and a lovely white wine. As close to a provencale French menu as I could manage in Los Angeles. Can’t wait to try more of your recipes. Keem them coming!

    • Hi Maggie!!! Reading your comment made us hungry!! Sounds like you had an amazingly delicious French feast!! And we’re (including the pups) are sending lots and lots of love back to you, too!!! Thank you so much and please stay in touch!!! xoxo Kris & Wesley

  • 5 stars
    I am making your baby backed ribs in the crock pot again. These are my go-to rib recipe. They are fabulous! I mean the best ribs that have ever touched our lips! And we live in Tennessee where we know a “thang” or two about BBQing. Your rub is AmAzInG!!! Full disclosure: Let me tell you what I did, a few times, and it is still so good. I have tried every BBQ sauce on the market, always being underwhelmed. While shopping in Aldi’s one day I grabbed a “Burman’s original BBQ sauce” not expecting much, but as I had never tried it… Well it was really good. If you don’t have an Aldi’s, I will be glad to send you a bottle, to get your expert opinion. I’m a realtor and am not affiliated with this product in any way. I justlove your food & think you would approve. I have shared your rib recipe with so many people who have had it at my home, and can’t stop licking their lips and moaning in ecstasy over it. I originally found your recipe on Pinterest but I’m gonna follow all your stuff since I took the time to read up on ‘y’all.” Thank you for the best baby back ribs on the plant!!! Fan for Life!

    • Sherry!! You have no idea how happy you have just made us!!! Honestly…our hearts are brimming with joy because of YOU!! We are THRILLED you are loving our baby back ribs recipe! We kinda think they’re the bomb, too!! We have Aldis near us, we’ll have to seek out the Burman’s. Sounds great and thanks for the tip!! Thank you so much for your amazingly fabulous message and for your support! That means the world to us!! Please stay in touch!!! All the very best, xoxoxo Kris & Wesley

  • 5 stars
    I made the SLOW COOKER ASPARAGUS RISOTTO yesterday for company. Talk about a hit……..I had 2 foodies at the table & they were amazed at how delicious it was………..they even picked up on the lemon. It added such brightness to the dish. I will toss the other recipes because this one is the only one I’ll ever prepare again……..I am looking forward to more delightful dishes to share with family & friends………Thank you so very much .

    • Hi Patricia!! That is such amazing news to hear!! We are thrilled you and your guests loved the slow cooker asparagus risotto! It’s pretty amazing, right? Thank you so much for letting us know and for the GREAT review! That honestly means the world to us!! Stay in touch!! All the very best, Kris & Wesley

  • Hi Kris and Wesley,
    I made the pan seared scallops and asparagus last night and it was a huge hit. The instructions were detailed and easy to follow. The dish looked like it was from a Fancy Pants restaurant.
    Thank you for sharing your love of food with the world.

    Karen (Fellow foodie)

    P.S. You two are such an attractive couple 🙂

  • Hi Chris and Wesley
    I have tried many of your recipes and have written rave reviews on everything I’ve tried. My wife introduced me to your web site and we are hooked. We love you both and enjoy your videos immensely. Best wishes to you both.

    • Hi Mark! We honestly can’t thank you enough! We truly appreciate the many kind words you have sent to us regarding recipes you have tried. It’s why we do what we do!! We wish you and your wife have an extraordinarily wonderful 2021 and please stay in touch! Lots more on the way!! All the very best to both of you, too!!! Kris & Wesley

  • 5 stars
    Hi Kris & Wesley!
    -Words are not good enough to explain how much I just fell in love with the two of you while watching your video on cooking chili rellenos! I sincerely mean this. Your ability to teach a beginner cook like myself and the skill set that comes with being able to do such a thing (like the way you go about it)-you can’t teach someone to do that! I guess what I’m saying is you can’t teach someone how to teach-and y’all do it so naturally! You make everything look so easy and your passion simply cannot be matched. Yes Kris and Wesley, y’all are IRREPLACEABLE. On a personal note, dare I say, about a month ago I got out of treatment for the opioid epidemic hitting America that nobody wants to acknowledge. I am rebuilding my life, finding new hobbies, and after literally being brought back to life three times-I finally understand what a gift life itself is! While I was in treatment, one of our amazing Hispanic chefs cooked us this meal and it changed my life. Please believe me when I say y’all are irreplaceable. I will be learning to cook from your videos, as I rebuild my life, and I sincerely feel blessed to have found y’all two because you know what y’all are doing and your ability to make me laugh and smile while I try is simply unmatchable. I just can’t imagine how many lives you’re touching without realizing it. Y’all make me, better. Please stay you, and keep shining on. -Emily K. Sandberg Houston TX

    • Hi Emily, there are no words to describe how much you have filled our hearts with joy!! Trust us when we say, you make us better, too!!! We are so in awe and proud of how you are re-building your life…in such a beautiful way!! Thanks a million times over for reaching out to us!! Stay tuned…so much more fun and food on the way!!! xoxoxo Kris & Wesley

  • 5 stars
    Hi guys,
    Just watched you make meat pies. Loved it You made me smile and enjoy watching .
    I am hooked and will continue to follow.
    The pie crust to easy.
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Cecelia! We can’t express enough how happy you have made us!! We are so thrilled you are enjoyin our recipes. Thank you so much for letting us know and for the fabulous review. That means the world to us!! Stay in touch and stay tuned…lots more fun and food on the way!

  • 5 stars
    Kris & Wesley,
    I found your blog this weekend after searching for a meatloaf & mushroom gravy recipe. Wow! Yours, aptly titled “Best Ever” was delicious!!!! I don’t know what we liked more….the meatloaf and gravy last night or the sandwiches today…..both were fabulous and will be in our winter rotation moving forward.

    I don’t always watch the videos on sites like this, but I did yours and it made me smile! Clearly you both love what you do – thank you for showing that joy to all of us.

    Hope you both have a wonderful holiday season!

    • Hi Beth!! You have no idea how happy this makes us to hear! We are so thrilled you loved our meatloaf with mushroom gravy! And you are so right! The next day sandwiches are so good!! Thank you for your kind words and the great review. That honestly means the world to us! Stay tuned and stay in touch!! All the very best, Kris & Wesley

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