Weekend Food & Fun: A Day at the Mall

This Weekend Food & Fun: A Day at the Mall has the Loon racking up our credit card bills at every turn.  Of course, I couldn’t resist taking a gander at the obligatory Mall Food Court.

Weekend Food & Fun: A Day at the Mall

As Wesley spends hours in the Scarf Shack buying God knows how many scarves (that he does not need!), I’ve sneaked away to get inspired by all those standard Food Court dishes.

If I can just get the Loon to put away the credit card, we’ll be heading to home to whip up these Food Court-inspired dishes.

Give ’em a shot yourself. Oh. My. God. (Best if said with 80’s mall voice). They are sooooo good!

Click on each title below to get the full recipe.   Here’s whats on the menu!

Black Pepper, Bacon, Maple and Caramel Popcorn

Black Pepper Maple Bacon Popcorn-2

Tomato, Cheddar and Bacon Pie

Tomato Cheddar Bacon Pizza Pie-2

Authentic Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken-2

Homemade S’Mores Ice Cream

S'Mores Ice Cream-2

Pink Flamingo Cocktail


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