• Perfect for storing ingredients and leftovers
  • Premium food grade, non-stick bowls that you can keep for years
  • Easily measure ingredients and mixtures, using the measurement lines inside each bowl
  • Flat rubber bottom remains stable on your counter top. The rounded lip edge for easy to pick up
  • Sterline offers a 2 year warrantee on all our products

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Product Description

Mixing Bowl Set For All Your Needs
This metal mixing bowl set is perfect for your kitchen! Our mixing bowls are deep enough for all your needs so there’s no worry about contents spilling off the sides. The various sizes help with mixing anything from eggs to cake. When you’re done, each bowl fits inside the larger size for maximum kitchen efficiency.

Quality Design
Move fast in the kitchen without the worry of a mess. Each stainless-steel mixing bowl has a silicone-coated bottom, which means they don’t move or slip off the counter. The soft, durable coating also helps prevent scratching of your beautiful kitchen surfaces!

Safe Storage and Transport!
Each bowl comes with a formfitting lid for easy storing of fruit, vegetables, or leftover meals. Now you can enjoy all your favorite foods at your convenience. The lids are perfect for sealing up your food creations so you can take them with you on the go. Now you can show up to your next party looking like a culinary pro!

Easy Built-In Measurements
The Sterline Mixing Bowls make baking and cooking easier! Each bowl has measurements inside the rim so you’ll never under or over measure your ingredients again!


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