How to Make Baked Ham with Bourbon Honey Glaze

How to Make Baked Ham with Bourbon Honey Glaze is a true showstopper.  This ham is so easy to make, and one of the most incredible dishes of all time.  And because it is so effortless to make, go the extra distance and get yourself a top-quality ham.  We love to order a bone-in cured, smoked Heritage ham from D’Artagnan (  The glaze is simple but so incredible.  Be sure to score the ham so the amazing cooks into the meat.  You’ll want to heat your ham until it heat through, about 130 F.  And the most important thing here:  Get a bone-in ham…this imparts the most amazing flavor.   Enjoy this with loved ones!!   175% Loon Approved.

Click here to get the full recipe!

Baked Ham with Bourbon Honey Glaze recipe

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